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Replacing Drapery With Current Hardware

Note: This only applies to pinch pleat drapery!

Most of the time our clients ask if we can use their current hardware (which is a good way to save money). The answer is yes, it is possible. Thankfully, there are only a few factors to consider.

1. What kind of stiffener do you have?

We use a plastic and grommet hardware that leads the drapery the way they open/close and they are called stiffeners. The stiffener is sewn onto the drape and is then attached to the master carrier (baton is attached to master carrier through the stiffener) which connects to the hardware. In order for us to use your current hardware we have to verify what kind of master carrier you have in order to know what kind of stiffener to use ( are your batons hidden behind the drape? or is it in front of the drape? (like the one pictured above)). If you decide to change your current baton position from exposed to hidden (or vice versa) we have to know in advance so we can apply the required stiffener and make a quick change of master carriers to the current curtain rod during installation.

2. Fullness/ Number of carriers:

Fullness is the ratio or amount of fabric used, and it is defined in percentage (180%, 200%, 220%). Fullness is determined on your budget, the kind of fabric, and design. The percentage of fullness affects the number of carriers used on a curtain rod (pictured above) and a number of hooks/pleats used on a drape (hooks attach to the carriers on the rod).

If the fullness of the new drapes are going to be different from the original drapes, adjustments will have to be made so the drape can hang correctly with the appropriate amount of hooks and carriers.

When we measure a clients window we count how many carriers are currently on their hardware.

3.Other Adjustments: Will length be the same? Will you add/take away sheer drapery? Are you moving the rods from window to ceiling?

When using your current hardware for a new drape there must be clear guidelines of what the manufacturer needs from you in order to make the product fit best. Fill out this form to ensure accurate dimensions and pricing.

Thinking about replacing your drapery? Talk to a drapery expert to see how we can best help you!

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