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Drapes Not Moving Smoothly? Try this cheap + fast trick!

Over time and with weather changes it is very common that a curtain doesn't run across the track as smoothly as it once did. Check these 3 things FIRST and then try our tip in the video.

1. Check that there isn't anything blocking the curtain track that is preventing the carriers from moving smoothly.

2. DO NOT use a degreaser or lubricant on track as this can drip from the track and stain your drapery!

3. If there are 2 rods or its a double rod make sure that there is enough space between each one when you are opening/closing the drape and the pleats from the drape behind are not getting stuck with the drape in front.

4.If all drapery hooks and carriers are properly in place and there is nothing foreign blocking the track, try the tip in the video below!

P.S Use as much as or as little of the jelly to lubricate the track and the carriers to where you feel the drape moves smoother.

We hope this helps you, please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

Hotel Drapery. & Bedding

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