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Drapery Returns: What Are They?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

A drapery return is the last pleat or part of the drapery that wraps around the drapery rod corner and returns to the wall. Returns vary on width size because each project has different projections of the hardware to the wall. Returns are a great way to block any light that comes from the corners of a window.

If you have drapery treatments that are wall to wall you will not need returns as the fabric will hit the corner of the wall blocking the light.

A drapery return can achieved by either of the following:

-Attaching the last drapery hook to the wall by using an L-bracket or looped hardware.

-Attaching the last drapery hook to the last carrier on your second rod (if you have one). You do this by just hugging the corner of the drape and attaching the hook to the last carrier.

-Instead of a hook you use velcro on the top, middle, and bottom part of the drapery return pleat and attach it to the velcro strips that are on the wall.

Hotels that have had their drapery for a long time should ensure the returns are still hanging correctly.

If you have any questions regarding drapery or bedding please contact us.

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