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  • Christine Bojorquez

Trends That Matter

Welcome back to our Hospitality Design Trends and Tips Blog. Hotel Drapery and Bedding is here to give you the monthly inspirations for your Guest Room Design to keep you on-trend.

We know that in Hospitality Design, we need to design ahead of the curve or in 5 years, we will need to do a refresh. So, we have gathered a list of trends that you should consider for your next Hospitality project because they are here to stay for the next decade.


By bringing the focus of the design back to the comfort and health of the guest, we, as designers, create an impactful environment. There are many ways to achieve this goal with the layout of the space, functionality, materials, and many others.

Layout of the space: consider designing a room to maximize natural light by having furniture next to the windows. For example, having a desk next to the window, a layout that allows a natural airflow will recognize a positive reaction from the guest. And always encourage the view to the outdoors by facing the windows.


Avoid wall-to-wall carpeting to make it easy to clean and replace flooring. Check out the these carpet tiles from the image on the left from Durkan Flooring.

Consider having a quiet and loud zone this gives the option to business guest to stay focus; while big families and young partyers can be loud without disturbing them.

Materials This is the area that designers have the most control over. To use sustainable materials should be the primary goal, and this can be accomplished in different ways. Long-lasting materials that exceed minimum requirements helps the product to last longer and reduce waste. Environmentally friendly materials like biodegradable, locally harvested/made/produced, and free of toxins. And most importantly, and the hardest to accomplish, is to try to reuse products in other areas like using the drapery into shower curtains by adding a liner.

Performance Textiles: Let’s forget about using Residential fabrics and focus on using the highest abrasion possible in upholstery. Additional treatments to prevent stains meet fire-code compliance and water repellent can go a long go.

Technology: Nowadays having the minimum in technology is a basic need that going above and beyond can go a long way. Wi-Fi used to be a luxury that a lot of hotels used to charge until five years ago. Today, Wi-Fi is the base on amenities in technology. Providing simple technology, but more than other hotels do will go a long way. An example is easy to access plugs their devices to the TV so they can watch Netflix. Motorized window treatments that can be controlled from the bed can go a long way in your guests’ experience.

Residential Retailers Merging Into Hospitality

Retailers and Showrooms help designers “sell” the product to the customer. Brands like CB2, Room and Board, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware and The Shade Store are putting a foot into the Commercial and Hospitality market by providing higher quality products, designers’ discounts, and payment terms.

The most valuable aspect of having retailers have a Commercial and Hospitality department is that customers already understand the brand. They trust it since they might even have it at home or at least being to the retailer.

Open Layouts

Interior Design trends start in the Residential world and make its way to Hospitality. For example, the Open Layout started with merging the Living Room and the Dining Room in Residential Design. Commercial spaces moved into the open floor plan office design focusing on a collaborative space rather than private offices. For Guest Rooms the Open Layout is showcased with removing as many walls and avoiding enclosed furniture like wardrobes and built-in cabinets.

Trends are significant to help us push our boundaries to do something different than what we would usually do. Especially in Hospitality Design, we want to create new directions instead of designing with trends that have been working for years. Our goal is to make sure space still feels relevant in at least five years.

We hope that this helped you in focusing on the right trends and at the same time help you to push the boundaries. Stay tuned for more!

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