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  • Christine Bojorquez

How To Spruce Up Your Hotel Bedding: December Design Tip

Welcome back to our Hospitality Design Trends and Tips Post! The Hotel Drapery & Bedding team wants to help you with tips on the two subjects that we are considered experts. Since our last blog was about Window Treatments, we are discussing Bedding. Our perspective & experience in the hospitality industry can be a big help for you to figure out what you want to add to your bed that will help you in your overall room design.

Pillows, bed-scarves, bed-skirts, and other tops of the bed decoration Bedding trends in the hospitality industry have evolved over the past decades, from colorful coverlets to the crisp white bed, which is still very much on-trend now. As we know, in the hospitality industry, trends move a lot slower than in the residential world. Because of this, when doing a renovation or a new built, we always want to consider the latest trends. The Residential industry is a test for styles, which, as hospitality designers, we look at what is staying and evolving.

What to use on your Guest Room’s bed? We still see a focus on the white bed over color; however, we see a push from designers too for textures. Since the bed is usually white, we embrace color in pillows, bedscarves, and bed-skirts/box spring covers. Let’s go over each of the elements to find out what would work for your next project.

1. Pillows:

Pillows are a great way to add color and texture! Do as many or as little as the room needs. Euro pillows are great for your guests if the headboard is a hard material and high. Matching square pillows, in front of each sleeping pillow, are ideal for making a color statement as shown on rendering on the right. This way, you don’t have to display one big pillow. Bolster and boudoir pillows are like a bow for the bed. The secret of coordinating multiple pillows is to change the sizes, colors, and textures that complement each other.

2. Bed-Scarves:

accent pillows + boudoir + bed-scarf Ev Even on the crisp white bed, we see bed-scarves or bed-throws that covers the bottom part of the bed. This item protects the duvet from luggage, and when guests lay down with their shoes on. Bed-scarves are a no brainer on white beds. On the rendering of the right, we are showing the same rendering with a couple of changes. This darker throw blanket placed in a more organic way. And the yellow pillows are more prominent, and now behind the sleeping pillows, this gives a more inviting and casual look.

3. Bed-skirts/Box spring covers We are getting away from the pleated Bed-skirts and going more towards the clean-lined box spring covers or wraps. Even when we have a hard surface as a headboard, box springs are a great way to incorporate texture to the bed. High-performance fabrics and vinyl are always a must-have for box spring covers since it’s upholstered furniture that has constant rubs when passing by guests.

4. Top of the Bed The most common item we see on top of the bed is the duvet cover, which has been this way for the past couple of decades. However, as a designer, I love to encourage our clients to incorporate patterns, textures, and colors, even if the patterns and textures are subtle, like on matelassé. Additionally, doing a matelassé with an acrylic or polyester fabric is far more durable than a light duvet fabric that needs to wash continuously.

The mix and match game: Now, it’s time to have fun with your selection! Choose a couple of different pillow sizes and box spring cover in colors that coordinate and enjoy the new look of your bed.

Hotel Drapery and Bedding is here to help you; no project is too big or too small. We can assist with your questions, measures, and design advice. We know that the process can be overwhelming sometimes since we have a lot of options, but our expertise will guide you to your best decision. We hope that this blog helped you in pushing the trends of Bedding, and make this process as much fun this is for us to you as well.

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