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Wall-To-Wall Drapery: Will It Work For You?

Wall-to-wall drapery can really spruce a room. However, it is not ideal for all properties to have this feature.

Do consider wall-to-wall drapery if:

-Your budget allows it (more fabric, wider hardware)

- You have a larger window that takes up over 50% of your wall space.

-You want to create an illusion of a longer and wider room.

- Want to block as much light as possible.

- Design of room compliments well with wall-to-wall drapery.

Most of our clients who use wall-to-wall draperies will be properties like casinos, resorts, and hotels that have large sliding doors.

Note: To gain the most light blockage, use a top treatment like a cornice box along with your wall-to-wall drapery (pinch pleat style). Also, Ripplefold drapery looks beautiful however there will be light leakage from the top. Using a top treatment for ripplefold defeats the purpose. Here is why.

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