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Drapery Pinholes & What To Do About Them.

Blackout drapery creates privacy, noise reduction, UV light decrease, and a more comfortable experience for guests. Have you noticed your blackout drapes have little holes where light spills through?

When making a blackout fabric it involves layers, or “passes”, of aerocellular acrylic foam. A 2-pass blackout is produced by applying 2 layers of foam to the fabric and a 3-pass blackout will receive 3 layers of foam. You can read more about this here.

Sometime you will notice little needle sized pinholes on the fabric, allowing light to leak through. Usually, pinholes cannot be seen unless a bright light is shining through. Pinholes are a occurrence for coated fabrics and happens randomly. However, these should not be large holes and/or scratches and they should not be able to increase in size without physical/mechanical damage.


- Having multiple pinholes throughout seam lines or vertically across the drapery is not normal.

-Having 3 or less visible holes from a viewing distance of a few feet is considered acceptable.

-Sometimes, a pinhole can be fixed by patching it up with a small amount of acrylic foam. Some of our clients have used WhiteOut to patch up these little holes (us at your own discretion).

- If you have large areas of holes, and a lot of light seeping through then consider getting those drapes replaced.

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