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Pillow Inserts 101

When deciding on your decorative top of bed pillows, you should know you have a few options of the type of fill your pillows will be made of, and depending on your clientele, you should order based on that.

Types Of Fill:

Standard: The basic and most cost effective pillow insert is the 100%polyester fill pillow insert. These are great for high volume settings. They are enclosed in a cotton slip so they maintain their shape over time.

Premium: This pillow insert fill is optimal if comfort is a priority. These are considered a high end option and they are made from a faux down polyester fiber (aka micro denier / down alternative) that has the same feel, weight and characteristics of traditional down. This is option is more plush and heavier in weight compared to the standard option.

Down/Feather: Highlight luxury with this insert. This down and feather insert is designed for a better firm support, the high quality material makes it exceptionally soft and comfortable. These will look superb in any decorative pillow cover.

We can use these fills on square, rectangular, bolster or other shape pillows and can make custom covers with either a chain approved fabric or your own.

We believe adding top of bed decorative pillows adds a great finishing touch to your bed look.

If you have any questions regarding pillows or would like a quote, talk to a bedding expert.

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