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4 Ways To Save Money On Bedding & Window Treatments During An Economic Shift

Hello Friend,

As you know, the hospitality industry is going through a big change at the moment due to COVID-19. Some of our clients are still putting in orders and others want to continue their renovations but during an uncertain time they ask how they can save more money.

Here are 4 questions you can ask your vendor for deeper discounts.

1. Clean your current drapery. Many times a good dusting and vacuuming to your drapes can make a difference. Here is a resource on how to do it the correct way without damaging the blackout lining or sheer fabric: click here for the resource!

2. Do they have any closeouts? Most manufacturers have surplus or have access to "closeout" materials where the price is less. In example, our fabric suppliers usually have fabrics that are closeouts (meaning they wont be getting more) and you can get creative in using different fabrics for certain suites or rooms (your queen or king rooms) if there isn't enough yardage for the whole project. This is a great way to add variety to your design. However, keep in mind the colors and patterns so that they look good with your current look and also, you want these fabrics to still work for the next 5-10 years. If you need help picking out closeout fabrics with your current look, we don't charge. Contact us so we can help you the best we can.

3. Does size effect pricing? Instead of ordering wall to wall drapery or wider than average bed scarf, you can save a few dollars by shortening the width and with drapery, go less on the :"fullness" (fullness is the amount of fabric used to create the desired fullness look). You don't necessarily need a sheer drape unless a hotel brand requires it and that goes for bedding too, you don't need a decorative pillow and bed scarf. Just the bed scarf alone is enough to add more dimension and design to your guest rooms.

4. Replace your drapery using your current hardware. SAVE BIG BUCKS! Here is how you can still refresh your window treatments with your current hardware!

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