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Drapery Pleat Styles

You may or may not know but there are several options of drapery style. Below is a picture of the different pleat styles you can choose from. However, only some work best for hospitality spaces.

The best options for hotels would be:

1. Ripplefold: A best-selling style. It is sleek and modern, but also very functional and easy to operate. NOTE: Hardware cannot be hidden with this style. Learn more about Ripplefold drapery here.

2. Tailored Pleat: This style is fuller, and has an understated elegance. Known for its waterfall pleat design, the pleats are held stiff with a buckram stiffener, allowing this type of drapery to remain very functional and easy-to-operate. Similar to the Ripple Fold style.

3. Pinch Pleat: The most popular hospitality drapery style. It is classically beautiful. The pleats pinch 4” from the top of the drapes, creating a simple but stunning shape. While the pinch pleat drapery style is more traditional, it is easily made contemporary with a bold pattern choice and you can hide hardware. Learn about 2 pinch vs 3 pinch pleat drapery here.

4. Inverted/Box Pleat: Inverted drapery is a unique curtain design in that while neatly pleated, it still gives off a casual, relaxed vibe.

The Goblet style is rarely used in hospitality because it is best for a decorative purpose, and is not ideal for frequent use. This style creates a large stack, which means that when open, more fabric will cover your windows.

The Grommet style is mostly used in residential because it is primarily a decorative curtain style, and not ideal for frequent use.

Which one do you like best?

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