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Did you know you have options when it comes to the baton (stick) that carries the drape to open and close?

Before getting into your baton choices, be aware you have the option to use a corded drapery track or motorized drape if you don't want to use batons, however please check brand or specific guidelines when using these alternatives.

Option 1:

You can hide the baton behind the drape. (con: guests don't see the baton so they drag the drape with their hands, and we don't recommend this for larger windows due to the heavy pulling of the weight and there is not as much reinforcement without a stiffener(see below)) but some designers and clients like the aesthetic of the hidden baton.

Option 2: Exposed Baton

If you choose to expose the baton so guests can easily find it, it hangs in front of the drape by attaching to a plastic "stiffener" on the back part of the drape. (pro: this creates more of a reinforcement and ease to open and close drapes.)

When it comes to the kind of batons you have the choice of white, fiberglass clear, and acrylic.

Lengths come in 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” & 84”

Fiberglass: 3/8” thick

Acrylic: ½” thick

You will need to know what length to use depending if you are mounting the hardware to the ceiling or top of the window. Keep in mind the ADA rules. Usually batons are specified to hang 60” off the floor, however, ADA batons should be no higher than 48” above the floor.

If you are not sure sure which would work better for you, talk to an expert to rest your worries!

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