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Boxspring Covers 101

Boxspring covers are a hospitality favorite due to its unique features. Housekeeping loves it because its easier to clean bottom of the bed and floors.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mission Valley

Holiday Inn & Suites Express & Suites Mission Valley

The Basics:

1. The "deck" is the top part of the boxspring cover. (The white fabric as seen on the photo) This is made from 70poly/30cotton fabric and can be chosen in white or ivory and is measured to be made to align with the width and length of the boxspring.

2. A "deck/decking strip" is then sewn to the deck fabric to create a frame around the top of the boxspring so that when the mattress or boxspring moves around, the white fabric won't be seen. We sew the frame 4" all around, however, we have many clients that love when we suggest to add an additional 2 or 3 inches to be extra protected.

3. The decorative fabric that is the "face" of the boxspring (black fabric in the picture) is then added and our clients can choose the following elastic holdings.

-elastic all around

-elastic in the corners

-or to your custom specifications

These elastics are sewn into the bottom of the fabric and are not visible to the guest.

The bottom of the boxspring is then tucked in all around to secure its place. ( You can also add more undertuck length if you want to be extra safe your boxpsring will not untuck itself from the edge).

There are also quilted boxpsrings (example below), these a more decorative look and will add more weight and texture to the bottom of the bed. The amount of quiltings are customizable as well.

For a quote on your boxspring needs please fill out the bedding measurement form.

E-mail the form to

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