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Ripplefold Drapery 101

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Ripplefold drapery is becoming vastly more popular every year due to its modern and visually appealing look. It is a great option if you have a fabric with design and you want a clean look.

Here are the basics and pros/cons of Ripplefold drapery.


Fullness is the amount of fabric used to cover a certain amount of space. A popular option is 100 % unless specified. Fullness is determined by the carriers. The closer the carriers are spaced the fuller the drapery will be.

120% = Deluxe Fullness for sheers and light weight fabrics

100% = Custom Fullness for lined medium weight fabrics

80% = Economy Fullness for heavy weight fabrics, interlined or bump lining

60% = Commercial Fullness when Price is the main factor

The lower the fullness the less amount of fabric will be needed.


Hardware is visible as drapery is under the track, leaving a slight light gap between track and drapery panels.It will not be possible for you to be able to hide your hardware due to the way the tracks on the hardware are placed. If you do not want your hardware to show then consider another pleat style. You can hide the hardware by using a cornice box, valance, or architectural element to hide the hardware but that will defeat the purpose and not show the waves created at the top of the pleat. Baton and ADA baton can be exposed or hidden behind drapery.


Stacking is the amount of fabric that stacks together when you open the drapery and the panels "stack" together to one (one way drape) or both sides (center draw drapery). Ripplefold is known for having a nicer visual appeal when it comes to stacking. Stacking is always a function of fullness, number of pleats, the weight of the fabric and how many layers of fabric. To achieve less stacking always choose light weight fabrics, unlined if possible and the least amount of fullness that would still operate effectively.


-Modern and sleek look

-Great for printed fabrics

-Can be motorized

- Fullness can be adjusted to meet budget focused projects.

-If you want to have maximum clearance of window and minimum stack back

- If the availability of the fabric is a factor. Ripplefold Draperies make a nice presentation with less fullness

- If you want multiple panels going in multiple directions on the same window wall using baton draw


-Hardware will always show, allowing to pass through on top.

-Length can be shortened but NOT added.

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