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Motorized Systems & Controls

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Certain clients will choose motorized shades or drapery for their hotel. To be completely honest, a motorized system is a splurge but if you have the budget for it, a motorized drape or shade will completely raise the bar on your property and set you apart.

When choosing how to motorize your window treatment you can choose from the following systems (how your window treatment will power up):

Plug-in: The cable coming from the roller shade will be able to be plugged into a wall outlet. You will need a transformer to be installed in the systems electrical connection. Also, make sure the cable is long enough to reach the wall outlet.

Hardwired: You will need an electrician for this option. A hardwired window treatment will come with a 110V line-voltage power source.

Battery: You can choose your window treatment to work within a battery pack that can be located either at the end of the window treatment hardware, a hidden pocket, or inside a roller tube.

You can control your system with the following controls:

-Handheld battery remote which connects to the window treatment via radio frequency. We recommend this device for lobbies or spaces where only hotel staff has access to remotes. It is easy to change channels in which the remote and window treatment connect, making it a hassle to keep reconnecting them if hotel guests don't operate the remote correctly.

-Wall Switches (battery operated): these are a great option as they can be placed anywhere in the room, this wall switch wirelessly connects to the motorized window treatment.

-Hardwired Wall Switch: these are connected by hardwiring them into your motorized window shade, so they are connected through a junction box and must be placed together.

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