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3 Things You Should Do Before The End Of The Year To Improve Your Hotel.

We know it's makeover time when we start getting those last minute project phone calls, and guess what? WE LOVE THEM! We love that our clients spruce up their properties during the slower seasons. Plan a day during the week where you can dedicate 1-2 hours on this task. Here are 3 tips we've gathered to help your property!

1. Touch it up!

Do a walk through of the exterior of your hotel where guests walk through the most, walk through hallways, and ask your housekeepers to jot down room numbers of where some touch up paint needs to be applied. Communicate this task with your maintenance team so they are aware of what needs to be done. This is a little detail that doesn't seem very important but when guests notice these chipped walls it communicates that the hotel doesn't take the extra step to fix the little things.

2. Drapery Repairs:

Any blackout drapery or sheers that need to be fixed or replaced should be done. It is easier to replace draperies during slow seasons so that the least amount of guests are not disturbed by installations or changes to their room. If you need help with your drapes we're to help! Send us a request at:

3. First Impressions Are Everything

Walk into your hotel like you are checking in as a guest. What can you do to your lobby to make it better? What can you toss or keep. This is the first place your guests walk into and get a feel of your hotel. Create a unison experience from check-in, during the stay, and check-out.

Let us know if this helps you. We love knowing if our posts are helpful to our readers. It's part of #TheHDBWay .

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