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Quick Tip: The 2 things you should NEVER have in a hotel guest room.

We have had our fair share of "fixer upper" projects. Sometimes its hard for management to accept or change or want to conform to what the market is asking for, but not only do we have the experience of being in the design industry for so long that we know what needs to go ASAP, we read reviews to see what guests love and hate.

Here 2 simple tips to keep your property millennial ready.

1. Old artwork. If your art is over 10-15 years old, you should most likely replace it with something newer. Try a wall mural or wallpaper with a modern pattern if you want to go for a boutique style and set your property apart! For example, the guest rooms in the photos below, there is no artwork hanging on the walls yet the room looks well designed and balanced.

2. Fake floral arrangements. If you are not providing fresh flowers in your room or lobby, its best to stay clear from using fake flowers. Guests call these "tacky" and "old school." Flower arrangements are important in the hospitality industry so it should be done correctly.

For your lobby, we suggest fresh flowers. Check out the below examples for a simple yet modern look. Potted plants and small trees are perfect for a change of look from flowers. Succulents are the trending plant at the moment and they are very low maintenance. Here are some simple yet modern greens to keep your lobby happy with some living plants.

Old artwork and florals are the 2 things that might be overlooked and seem minute but can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of any hospitality space. Guests notice and look at everything. How are you using artwork and greenery in your hotel? Send us a photo!

-Millenia Hospitality

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