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What you should really be asking your vendors.

Hello Friends!

With the Summer season touching ground, many of your are making renovations and last minute touches to your property to get it ready for guests.

It's time consuming and sometimes confusing dealing with a lot of vendors for products/services. As a manufacturer/vendor we know what questions customers should be really asking. Protect your investment.

Aside from asking the general questions, are you asking the following?

-Will I have a dedicated person or team? Who is ultimately responsible for my project/property?

-What steps will you take to protect my property?

-What happens if I need a repair or replacement due to a guest incident?

-Have you ever operated under a different name? Have you ever been sued?

-What are your biggest challenges?

- Do you have references?

-What factors can vary pricing?

-How do you stay current and on top of trends?

-How do you communicate with your clients? How often and by what method?

-How long has your company been doing this?

-Can we do a trial or get a sample before we purchase?

-Why are you different than your competitors?

We're excited to see what you create next!

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