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Safety Issue: Roller Shade Chain Retainers

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Keep your guests safe with the required chain retainer (also known as chain tensioner). Legally, we have to install a chain retainer in order to prevent any choking accidents with a window covering chain. There are different styles and colors you can choose from but they all have the same purpose. We carry them in black, clear, white, and ivory.

Design Tip: match your chain retainer to the color of your chain. If you have a stainless steel chain, we recommend to go with the clear chain retainer.

It is important to position your chain retainer at the right amount of tension because if its too loose it violates the codes we have to follow from Window Coverings of America Association for commercial properties and there are times when clients want the chain very tight so that it looks nicer aesthetically but if the chain has too much tension it will break the chain and your roller shade will not be able to go up or down anymore. The styles of these chain tensioners vary from company to company but ask what your choices are when speaking with your vendor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for also ensuring the safety of your guest! For any questions regarding this safety part or any other questions please call us at 619-564-4264

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