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Bottom Of The Bed Styles

When it comes to choosing your bottom-of-the-bed, your options might outweigh one another. Today we will look at the different options available.

You can either have your fabric do a continuos drop around the boxspring with no fabric dropping towards or the floor, or you can drape your boxspring with a few options.

A continuos bottom of the bed style wraps around all sides of the box spring.This is a great option if you have a bed base that doesn't have access to bottom of the bed, housekeeping loves it due to the easy cleaning. Styles for these are:

Box Spring Cover: A modern and popular style that creates a minimalist and clean look. Here is a great tool to learn more about boxspring covers are made.

Quilted/Upholstered Wrap: This style holds a unique look because it adds an upholstered wrap to the bottom of bed, creating more density/

Let's look at the styles for bed skirts

Bed Skirt: A bed skirt is the more traditional and classic bottom of the bed style. A bed skirt begins at the top of the box spring and finishes half of an inch off the finished floor. This covers the box spring and the space below to the floor. This is a good option if you don't have a bed base and want to cover the space from the frame to the floor. Housekeeping will have to make sure to clean under the bed as best as possible.

Tailored Pleats: This style can be pleated with 2 pleats (in the foot corners) or at 5 (2 in the foot corners and middle pleats on 3 sides). This is our most popular bed skirt style.

Shirred or Dust Ruffle Skirt: This style gains its unique look from the ‘fullness’ of of the ruffled fabric that hangs continuously around the edge of the boxspring. The fabric is simply gathered together to create its look.

Box Pleated Skirt: This style creates more density due to the drop fabric that is finished with box pleats. Usually the box pleats are spaced every 6” but can be customized to whatever spacing you want.

Which style works best for your property?

Make sure you are correctly measuring your boxspring and mattress to ensure accurate fit. Here is a helpful form to fill out.

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