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Boxspring Cover Tips

What kind of bedding for your boxspring do you have?

If you have a bedskirt or boxspring cover this will hopefully give you some insight on why boxspring covers are great due to how customizable they can be. Or maybe you just use a general boxspring encasement. Here are some features about why boxspring covers are a great design item.

  1. You can customize the platform strip thickness so that if the mattress moves around you won't be able to see the white lining from the top. (Usually a 4" strip but our clients love going 6" or even 8" in.) Also, get additional inches added to your "undertuck" so you have more fabric that tucks under the boxspring.

  2. Use your boxspring cover as a color contrast item or match it with your current drapery/other colors in your room.

  3. Can be made with an elastic band all around the bottom so it securely hugs your boxspring.

  4. Contributes to the easiness of cleaning under and around the bed.

  5. Budget friendly. Boxspring covers can fit any budget, we have several fabric options to meet your price points.

  6. Custom sizes, you can manufacture these to your specific boxspring sixes, we don't use a general size.

  7. Easy to wash and put back on.

  8. Can be used for many years with a color that will match easily if room design is ever altered.

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