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For hotels that thrive in  the millenial age.


Who You Are:

  Hotel Management, Interior Designer, FF&E company.  

What Your Challenges Are:

  You have too much on your plate to take care of the small details that matter, you are or are not an expert when it comes to drapery and bedding and want someone to execute your vision, you need a company that knows your needs, details, and specifics.

What You Need Most:

  • Save time

  • Stay on budget

  • Work with a trustworthy and reliable company who will go above & beyond for you.

  • Personalized & attentive service 

  • Hospitality fabrics (brand and independent)

We deliver customized and personal A+ service because we are conscious of how much work our clients actually have to do. 

Tell us what you need and we create a personalized process for you. All hotels and resorts will have different needs. Save Time. Afford Effort.  We get to know you, your staff, and your property to meet your specific needs, saving you time and energy. 

We work with all budgets because every property deserves to look good. 

The Guest Room Success Process:

  1. What do you need? We identify what you have now and what you need to make sure it will be functional for your property (with your clientele, brand standards (if applicable), budget, and design).

  2. Approve fabrics & price. After identifying what you need, we will sort fabrics/color selections that meet your budget. Our fabrics comply with all hospitality and commercial laws. Have your own fabric? We can supply just labor to complete your look.

  3. Begin Manufacturing. Once you approve everything, a deposit is required to start the manufacturing process. You will have access to speak with us whenever you need in regards to how the manufacturing process is coming along.

  4. Installation & Delivery. We will come up with a personalized installation process if you need only certain rooms done first or the entire property at the same time. If you only need your goods delivered, you will have a date given to you within the fabric/budget approval process.




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"  As a result I have been able to save time and money, they help me achieve the desired looks for my guest rooms and receive personalized service." -Aarti Patel, HIG


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